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Livestock Identification Services Ltd. is known for providing inspection services to livestock producers in Alberta.

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Bovine TB investigation in British Columbia
Posted by: CFIA   Nov 19, 2018
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has launched an investigation into a case of bovine tuberculosis (bovine TB) in British Columbia. External Article

LIS Inspection Fee Increase
Posted by: Shawn McLean   Sep 12, 2018
Following a request from Livestock Identification Services Ltd. (LIS) the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry has increased the cattle inspection fee to $1.50 per head from the current $1.25 per head. This fee increase, the second in 24 years, is supported by all sectors of the cattle industry and remains significantly lower than the neighbouring provinces of British Columbia ($1.80/head) and Saskatchewan ($2.75/head). There will not be an increase to the inspection fees for horses. LIS will begin charging and collecting the increased inspection fee effective November 1, 2018. PDF Article

ILIA 73rd Annual Conference (2019)
Posted by: ILIA   Aug 14, 2018
LIS together with Livestock Services Saskatchewan (LSS) and Ownership ID Inc. (BC) will be hosting the 73rd annual International Livestock Identification Association (ILIA) conference in Calgary, Alberta from July 14th to July 17th 2019. Registration packages will be sent out soon and sponsorship opportunities are available! Click on the next link to learn more. External Article

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