LIS Brand Bookshelf

We have a number of brand books available for purchase - current ($63.00) and previous years ($94.50).
Please contact us to order your book for $63.00 (GST and Shipping included) Shipping is by Canada Post. The Brand Book number will be the next available number.
Note: you will access a 3rd party shopping cart to buy your brand book.
The limited edition 2014 Alberta Brand Book is selling fast! 
Order yours while supplies last (makes for a perfect Christmas gift). 

Alberta’s Brand Book and Supplementary History

Access our Brand Book & Supplementary History document 
Listed is what we have on record as being published for brand books and supplementary brand books since 1888.

Heritage Images

Take a look at some amazing images of Brand documents from years gone by! From a Brand Transfer (1938) to an Extract from Records of Brands (1898)!
Access PDF file here...
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